13 Best Xbox Games in 2018

best xbox gamesIt has been a week of many activities with many releases coming through in the past few weeks with A Way Out, Sea of Thieves and Far Cry 5 coming in quick succession and having a significant impact.

A Way Out and Far Cry 5 are on the list of the best Xbox One games but the Sea of Thieves we hold back for a while for now. In this persistent online world, we will be waiting on to see how things turn around over time.

The Xbox One games that do make it are games like Wolfenstein 2, Assassins Creed ORIGINS, GTA 5 and two Xbox one x enhanced games or fallout.

These are the classics games that have stood the test of time and seen the storms of life but still stand strong on the list and are not replaced. We also have the upcoming Xbox one games now like the sea of thieves, far cry 5 and a way out that are trading in a vague territory, but we have many exciting things to come in store for the game’s world.

Time tells it all when it comes to saying the best Xbox one games, but in the meantime, we have some classics that still stand in the list of the best, and they include Titan fall 2, cup head, Gears of War 4 and Minecraft.

Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy is one of the best RPGs of the year although its name is not synonymous with Microsoft console. There are instances when one would feel like the game is a mishmash of ideas but when you come to understand everything and put it to perspective, the world that seems strange with real-time combat in the game and exciting and lovable characters become much more than just what you see in the game.

It is a game that is worth waiting for and one of the best final fantasy games of all time although it may have anime absurdity, a world based on the byways and highways of Middle America with powerful magic and ferocious monsters.


Cuphead is perhaps one of the best shooters all-time game with its 1930s presentation of cartoon arts that takes gameplay cues from traditional sources like metal slug, gun star heroes, and mega man. The game does not have massive levels, but the challenges are worth it.

Size does not matter here as there are enemy bullets to be dodged and one need to learn the patens of the enemy. Your skills are tested in all spheres here and your reactions in an exciting manner that is a joy to play.

Rainbow six siege

The first minutes that someone watches the rainbow six sieges, the game feels like it is a slasher film than guns blazing game with so many combat and boot feet sounds.

The game brings with it a sense of tension that mostly beats most horror games where the hell breaks loose, and you are thrown into the deep, amidst a brutal life and unforgiving warfare. The game is one of the best for multiplayer shooter games on Xbox.

Halo 5: Guardians

This game is one of the series best multiplayer games that get our visors misty, and it has so much to offer for online warmongers. This game is perfect for those who fancy madness and mega-battles. Still, there is more that is being added to the features of the game, with a new version of the classic map and big team battles.

Middle-earth: the shadow of war

Shadow of war is a combat game that is almost satisfying at every instance with mechanics that create the atmosphere of war. The game offers environments that are beautifully combined and with varied details and well enhanced to showcase power.

The game requires more time play and commitment and not just for a quick fling as it may take more than 24 hours to unlock the map.  Now the game has been enhanced to have more features including castles and an exciting massive world for exploration.

Ori and the blind forest

This is a game that will consume your hours for long that brings features like those in storybooks. The game is among the best looking 2D games, and it looks nice and offers narrative sequences in the game and mechanical satisfaction to those who like machines.


The game has now been improved to add on more action and twerks, and thus it has more impact on playing this version. Individual characters to the ball have also been enhanced with a combination of a player journey to help one to follow their career. This mode makes FIFA 18 to have a more competitive edge to PES.

The watcher 3: wild hunt

The game follows you the continuing adventures in the events of the watcher 2 of the monster hunter Geralt Rivia as he searches for his lost lover. The game offers much more than finds the lost lover as the central plot as Geralt solves other problems in his world.

The game offers options for one to choose from, but there are consequences that one cannot see if they make wrong choices. But despite all these gloom in the game, there are other instances of warmth in it as a night of passion with an old flame.

Metal gear solid 5: the phantom pain

These game is expanded from a military base setting to an open world and refines the stealth gameplay to almost perfection as the game is made into a much revenge tale. The game has a great sense of replay value as it has great offers for the player many ways to approach the mission with shotguns, sniper, tranquilizers, rifles and a remote-controlled robot arm.

Middle-earth: the shadow of war

This game fixes almost every problem the original one had as it is set in a more extensive and open world and many side quests that keep players busy for extended periods. The traversal system and its combat are wisely twerked to add to fortress assaults for the challenging and intense moments in the game.

Sunset Overdrive

This game offers a breath of fresh air with a whole city taking a bad energy drink and being turned into mutants after consuming it. This game is intriguing and provides the player an opportunity to fire vinyl records from cannon and has an online cooperative mode and one can do it with friends.

The evil within 2

The game offers an open-ended world with a bizarre and terrifying story that is weirder than the previous game. It is filled with more creepy environments, plenty third-person action, and scary monsters.

Fallout 4

The game has everything that one would expect from a game with an open and massive world and multiple ways that one can customize the characters, stories, and quests. The game builds on the Bethesda formula in exciting means and does not reinvent its players in this game are free to explore the world with a goal to find a kidnapped son as the players are dropped in the middle of a wasteland and with options to pick guns and mutants to fight.


Xbox one has a fantastic back catalog and offers a constant flow of exciting new games now and then showing that age comes with wisdom and great stuff for one to play. Xbox has no any intention of stopping their productions, but they promise exciting games shortly. They still will offer a variety, from old school classics to new age games.

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